Our company is an international frontrunner in providing leading edge trade and export development, mentoring and trade training to companies across borders, across oceans, and across continents since 1998.Through trade development, we build capacity and sustainable livelihoods.






“Thanks to Kisserup, Suriname was invited in these workshops. Before that we never heard of CASME! The workshops opened great opportunities for our country to take part in the movement towards branding, empowering, lifting up the Caribbean entrepreneurs, producers, farmers, specialists, you name it. I think that both workshops are to infuse and re-vitalize CASME and improve regional and international business opportunities, networking which is vital for our countries and cooperation. Thanks!!!”


“Poleco has obtained significant business in Jamaica and the efforts of Wendy Luther and Jennifer Cormire and the Kisserup team has helped accelerate this business and add promising and sustainable business in the future. A job very well done.”


“The Export Development Workshops funded by the Canadian Cooperation Fund were a good prelude to the upcoming CARICOM-Canada negotiations for a new Free Trade Agreement. The objective was to stimulate interest in the private sector and to prepare firms to get involved and take advantage of the opportunities. Participants found the workshops to be very informative and a positive experience. The Private-Sector Organisation of Jamaica looks forward to working with our Canadian partners in future capacity building initiatives.”

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