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“This workshop does not have to be a ” seminary among so much d`autres “, and must be followed with effects in the short term. The Kisserup and ProInvest cabinet have to intend to accompany again a relevant initiative piloted by the CASME / CARIFORUM which would allow them to prove their will to manage in this heavy spot, and to demonstrate that the development of the SME (SMALL AND MEDIUM-SIZED ENTERPRISE) is the mainspring of the economic growth of our region.”


“I met Pernille in March 2008 when participating in Metaworks Inc.’s first ever trade mission. She was my mentor before, during, and after this week-long Women’s Exporter Initiative to Philadelphia and New York. Pernille leads both her team and her clients by example. Because she owns her own business, Pernille is not “just” a consultant, but was able to relate to Metaworks’ day-to-day operations and priorities. She continually challenged my assumptions and approach, forcing me to analyze and modify behavior. She emphasized practice, process and role playing as means to unleash creativity.

Pernille combines a keen academic mind with hands-on experience. She is the antithesis of staid and stuffy, yet shows tremendous discipline and attention to detail. During our planning sessions, her focus was 100% on my company and deliverables, drawing on her considerable international experience and real-life examples to guide, bully, and cajole me to improve my sales message and delivery.

Pernille exudes a raw energy that is contagious. Her keen sense of humour and quick wit made learning fun, during even the most frustrating sessions. She is generous with her time and takes delight in making business and community connections. This is a woman who continues to make a positive impact on our community personally and professionally.”


“Pernille is terrific! She has tremendous vision, passion and desire to propel your businesses into the international spotlight! I feel like I won the lottery when Pernille was assigned as a mentor to our company for a women exporter’s initiative in 2007. When I encounter challenges, I can always count on Pernille to help me through. Pernille’s invaluable advice and coaching gave me the confidence and tools to successfully pursue international business markets. She is an extreme visionary, superb businesswoman, my mentor, and by far the most extraordinary person I have ever met!”

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