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“This workshop does not have to be a ” seminary among so much d`autres “, and must be followed with effects in the short term. The Kisserup and ProInvest cabinet have to intend to accompany again a relevant initiative piloted by the CASME / CARIFORUM which would allow them to prove their will to manage in this heavy spot, and to demonstrate that the development of the SME (SMALL AND MEDIUM-SIZED ENTERPRISE) is the mainspring of the economic growth of our region.”


The Kisserup Team are so highly skilled and knowledgeable. They are so truly dedicated to their work and to the organizations they work with, and their capacity-building approach is so beneficial to their clients in the long-term. Their vast network connections and the opportunities and knowledge-sharing that result from sharing these connections is invaluable. 


“I highly recommend Pernille Fischer Boulter for any organization in any phase of their growth.

Pernille was my coach and mentor as I grew and eventually sold my business (Bulldog Interactive Fitness). She still remains my mentor, my role model and a dear friend. There are very few opportunities in one’s life that they meet someone as trustworthy, dedicated and tenacious as Pernille Fisher-Boulter, and I am very lucky to have crossed her path.

Pernille is unique and effective in the manner that she mentors; she doesn’t necessarily GIVE her clients the answer, she teaches them to FIND the answers. She guides them and provides clarity and focus so that the client feels that they have discovered the answer on their own! She is much more than a mentor. She is a connector, a visionary and she truly cares about her clients. She mentors long after the contract is over. Your successes become her successes. Your challenges become her challenges. Pernille is an entrepreneur, and she understands the obstacles that face her clients; the empathy that she has, combined with her razor sharp instincts and business skills make her highly sought after all over the world. Pernille went above and beyond many occasions.

I will mention one (if you would like more, please contact me): My company won the Exporter of the Year Award. Pernille nominated me and encouraged me [throughout] the process. I would never have nominated our company if it were not for her. We ended up winning! Pernille walked beside me as I built the business, she was there for the panic phone calls, and she helped me maneuver through the sale of my company.

As I move on to other opportunities, Pernille continues to be my sounding board and I find myself asking, “what would Pernille say?” often. I have now started to consult and mentor small business owners, and I use Pernille as a role model to live up to. There is simply no one else like her.”

Beaubassin Mi’kmaq Wind Company Ltd., a company collectively owned by all 13 Mi’kmaq Bands within Nova Scotia, will be hosting a summit, called Nova Scotia Mi’kmaq Energy and Innovation Summit 2016, from Monday, September 26th, 2016, to Tuesday, September 27th, 2016, at Membertou Trade and Convention Centre.  http://www.nsmikmaqsummit.ca/

International incoming Buyers attend the Atlantic Agricultural Fall Fair, 6-10 October 2016!  http://atlanticfair.ca/

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