Trade Logistics

Trade Logistics, Diagnostics, and Planning include the following services
Trade Training & Mentoring ensures that clients build skills, knowledge, and capacity (in-house) to succeed in international trade. This includes the design and facilitation of trade mission training, in-depth market analysis, and follow-up services designed to provide a return on investment.

Kisserup’s diagnostic analysis is based on systematic and objective methodologies to assess, monitor, and evaluate an existing situation.  Kisserup’s approach to diagnostic analysis is that the knowledge of the existing situation (diagnosis) is essential to plan and evaluate meaningful and effective programs for development.  The most common methodologies used in diagnostic analysis by Kisserup are baseline surveys and feasibilities studies.

IMG_20150425_143159Logistics diagnostics and planning encompasses an institutional (legal and infrastructural) review, as well as a private-sector performance review of all aspects of logistics and supply-chain strategic planning based on best practices in international trade including, but not limited to, supply and value chain management.