Events and Speaking

Kisserup’s knowledgeable and engaging leaders have presented as speakers around the world. If you are in need of a speaker related to international trade and development, contact us for more information.

Pernille Fischer Boulter


As an entrepreneur, facilitator, mentor, speaker, consultant, and an immigrant who speaks six languages, Pernille Fischer Boulter is an engaging keynote speaker. She provides interactive and motivational keynotes on subjects of international trade, immigration, and leadership and entrepreneurial behaviour and has been retained to speak both nationally and internationally since her first appearance as a guest speaker at the ECTS (Electronic Consumer Trade Show and Conference) in London, UK in 1991.


Pernille is a firm believer that mentoring is an instrumental tool in generating new ideas and developing your business. As a mentor, she has addressed countless business issues facing entrepreneurs in numerous countries and through many business associations and networks. Pernille has worked in many traditionally male dominated industries including IT, ICT, oil & gas, custom engineering, and fabrication. She has been able to motivate staff and management of both men and women, from tradespeople to executive management. Her ability to share ideas, encourage growth, and transfer energy to her audience has made her a well sought-after speaker. She has also lent her expertise to numerous articles relating to immigration, science and technology, and export initiatives. Since the launch of her company’s new immigration initiative, Pernille is yet again moving forward with new ideas.

She brings a unique clarity to the field of international trade, which can seem as large and complex as the world itself. As a skilled and knowledgeable speaker, facilitator, and trainer, she is frequently commissioned to design, develop, and deliver educational trade training workshops on a broad range of trade related topics for various national and international conferences. Pernille’s practical and dynamic presentation style has earned her the reputation of being a highly regarded presenter.