Our History

Kisserup International Trade Roots was founded in 1998, in Nova Scotia, Canada, by founder and CEO Ms. Pernille Fischer Boulter. The name Kisserup comes from the Danish town where Pernille grew up, located 50 kilometres from Copenhagen. The Kisserup sign utilized throughout our website and in our company profile is the actual sign from the town of Kisserup in Denmark – true to the roots and the origin of our company. Kisserup opened an office in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2008.

When founding Kisserup, deep roots from the past, the present and the future played a role. Ms. Fischer Boulter’s family roots trace back as far as the year 875 A.D. and document such figures as the famous Gorm the Old, King of Denmark born around year 875, and Harald Bluetooth, King of Denmark born around year 911. Harald’s son, Sven Tveskæg, was the first King of the Vikings and his son, Canute the Great, was King of England, Denmark and Norway.


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