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Peter Hickey, Operations Manager, Immunity Medics Ltd. - Nova Scotia, Canada

“Kisserup International Trade Roots provided an exceptionally well balanced open learning opportunity for Immunity Medics Ltd.

Through completing the ACOA Export Mentoring Program, IML has gained valuable insight regarding our business sector.

Pernille is a great business mentor whom has helped create real value to Immunity Medics Ltd.”

Sandy Gordon, Trade Education Course Coordinator, World Trade Centre - Nova Scotia, Canada

“Working with Pernille and her team has been of invaluable help in the WTCAC’s efforts to promote international trade training and programs. Leads, promotion of courses and marketing tips were freely offered without remuneration. As a WTCAC member she has also worked tirelessly to promote our organization.

Pernille’s wealth of education, knowledge and experience, and her understanding of domestic and international markets, has consistently provided our clients with excellent export mentoring and course facilitation.”

Karen Spaulding, Metaworks Inc. - Nova Scotia, Canada

“I met Pernille in March 2008 when participating in Metaworks Inc.’s first ever trade mission. She was my mentor before, during, and after this week-long Women’s Exporter Initiative to Philadelphia and New York. Pernille leads both her team and her clients by example. Because she owns her own business, Pernille is not “just” a consultant, but was able to relate to Metaworks’ day-to-day operations and priorities. She continually challenged my assumptions and approach, forcing me to analyze and modify behavior. She emphasized practice, process and role playing as means to unleash creativity.

Pernille combines a keen academic mind with hands-on experience. She is the antithesis of staid and stuffy, yet shows tremendous discipline and attention to detail. During our planning sessions, her focus was 100% on my company and deliverables, drawing on her considerable international experience and real-life examples to guide, bully, and cajole me to improve my sales message and delivery.

Pernille exudes a raw energy that is contagious. Her keen sense of humour and quick wit made learning fun, during even the most frustrating sessions. She is generous with her time and takes delight in making business and community connections. This is a woman who continues to make a positive impact on our community personally and professionally.”

Holly Bond, Founder/Former Owner, Bulldog Interactive Fitness Inc. - Nova Scotia, Canada

“I highly recommend Pernille Fischer Boulter for any organization in any phase of their growth.

Pernille was my coach and mentor as I grew and eventually sold my business (Bulldog Interactive Fitness). She still remains my mentor, my role model and a dear friend. There are very few opportunities in one’s life that they meet someone as trustworthy, dedicated and tenacious as Pernille Fisher-Boulter, and I am very lucky to have crossed her path.

Pernille is unique and effective in the manner that she mentors; she doesn’t necessarily GIVE her clients the answer, she teaches them to FIND the answers. She guides them and provides clarity and focus so that the client feels that they have discovered the answer on their own! She is much more than a mentor. She is a connector, a visionary and she truly cares about her clients. She mentors long after the contract is over. Your successes become her successes. Your challenges become her challenges. Pernille is an entrepreneur, and she understands the obstacles that face her clients; the empathy that she has, combined with her razor sharp instincts and business skills make her highly sought after all over the world. Pernille went above and beyond many occasions.

I will mention one (if you would like more, please contact me): My company won the Exporter of the Year Award. Pernille nominated me and encouraged me [throughout] the process. I would never have nominated our company if it were not for her. We ended up winning! Pernille walked beside me as I built the business, she was there for the panic phone calls, and she helped me maneuver through the sale of my company.

As I move on to other opportunities, Pernille continues to be my sounding board and I find myself asking, “what would Pernille say?” often. I have now started to consult and mentor small business owners, and I use Pernille as a role model to live up to. There is simply no one else like her.”

Paula Cook MacKinnon, Principal, MindBloom Consulting - Nova Scotia, Canada

“Thank you so much for all your help. You went well beyond your responsibilities with the Caribbean Liaison program and I am so grateful. We have three Guyanese in the proposal (all curtesy of Kisserup), I have made direct contact with the High Commission, MindBloom has interviewed two people involved with the project in Guyana. I could not feel better prepared to write a competitive proposal. In addition, you have been tremendous mentors. I have learned so much! EduNova and its partners were wise to select Kisserup as Agents for the Caribbean Liaison program. I cannot think of any organization more committed to its clients!

I will think of you often when MindBloom is completing its contract work in Guyana!

With sincere gratitude”

Jon MacDonnell, CME/ACOA Export Intern, Bulldog Interactive Fitness, 2009 - Nova Scotia, Canada

“Pernille, I want to thank you again for everything you taught me during the internship year. I’m now very used to ‘doing my homework’ in all aspects of life. I honestly appreciate all the wisdom you passed to me. If there is anything I can ever help you out with please let me know. Have a great evening Pernille… I know you’ll be up late. Next time I’m in Halifax I’ll stop by to say hello.”

Lynn Casey, MedSenses Inc. - New Brunswick, Canada

“Pernille is terrific! She has tremendous vision, passion and desire to propel your businesses into the international spotlight! I feel like I won the lottery when Pernille was assigned as a mentor to our company for a women exporter’s initiative in 2007. When I encounter challenges, I can always count on Pernille to help me through. Pernille’s invaluable advice and coaching gave me the confidence and tools to successfully pursue international business markets. She is an extreme visionary, superb businesswoman, my mentor, and by far the most extraordinary person I have ever met!”

Bill Aasvangen, Manager, World Trade Centre Atlantic - Nova Scotia, Canada

“Pernille and Kisserup continue to be one of the most respected and frequently called-upon resources for our FITT programming at the World Trade Centre Atlantic Canada.
Pernille’s rich experience and her ability to effectively deliver content to a diverse audience make her an easy choice for many of our international trade training initiatives.

We recommend Kisserup as an excellent partner to work with”