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Sarah Weston, Industry Coordinator and Executive Director

The Kisserup Team are so highly skilled and knowledgeable. They are so truly dedicated to their work and to the organizations they work with, and their capacity-building approach is so beneficial to their clients in the long-term. Their vast network connections and the opportunities and knowledge-sharing that result from sharing these connections is invaluable. 

Edward ChinMook,

Since Kisserup’s intervention as consultants, we have had an AGM, new board of directors, physical secretariat now established in Jamaica, we have a manager, our Web Portal is completed, we have a strategic plan, and have just completed vision and mission statement which was penned with the full participation of our membership, our first since establishment in 2005

Pablo Quinonez,

Emily and Pernille did an amazing job at coordinating and re-scheduling our meetings in a very last-minute-change type of event 🙂 They were genuinely concerned every day, that we met the right contacts at the right time so we were able to make the most out of each meeting. Thanks Pernille and Emily for your warm and personalized (that’s how we felt it) support!


Chris Morrissey, Executive Director at the Clean Foundation

Kisserup did a wonderful job of organizing the CREF trade mission once again. The quality of meetings and professionalism of staff made this another positive experience in our International Development line of business. Kisserup has been a tremendous resource and has broken down many barriers that would have been encountered.


Bruce Thompson, President at Northern Lights Energy

I am pleased to say that Northern Lights exceeded its objectives it had set for its attendance at CREF, and its success was directly attributable to the tenacity and grace shown by both Kisserup and ACOA. Thanks!!

Elaine MacEachern, Principal, STR Management Consulting - Nova Scotia, Canada

“The Kisserup team provided exceptional service during the duration of the assignment including post follow-up activities which was not part of the contract. I would recommend to any exporter to consider using the services of Kisserup International Trade Roots, in its international market intelligence gathering process.”

Sam K. Kruiner, Grants/Technical Advisor/Consultant , Private-Sector Development, Caribbean Export Development Agency - Christ Church, Barbados

“Pernille is a fresh breath, a visionary, a motivator and champion for every new and existing entrepreneur. A person that has the incredible capability to earn your trust, listen very well and give you the feeling as an entrepreneur and as a person that you are able to overcome those hurdles in your business life. I have known Pernille over the last 2 years and had felt from the beginning that I was dealing with an honest person. Pernille, you have no idea how extremely rare this is these days. [You] started off as my client and we quickly developed a good friendship [as] I noticed her passion in helping others in developing themselves. I would therefore recommend Pernille wholeheartedly to everyone….she is a good person!!”

Tomas Bruun, Trade Commissioner of Denmark

“Pernille has a rare ability to find opportunity where nobody else sees it. I have had the pleasure of developing various projects with Pernille and her company Kisserup International Trade Roots. Her energy and value oriented contribution is an asset to any project.”

Sean Leet, President, Marener Industries - Nova Scotia, Canada

“Kisserup has been instrumental in developing the export potential of our organization. From identification of potential opportunities, to facilitating communications, to developing a strategy and helping to negotiate the deal;
Pernille’s high energy, network, experience, and focus has ensured our success.

Their services have provided unquestionable value and lasting results for our company.”