Sam K. Kruiner,

Grants/Technical Advisor/Consultant , Private-Sector Development, Caribbean Export Development Agency - Christ Church, Barbados

“Pernille is a fresh breath, a visionary, a motivator and champion for every new and existing entrepreneur. A person that has the incredible capability to earn your trust, listen very well and give you the feeling as an entrepreneur and as a person that you are able to overcome those hurdles in your business life. I have known Pernille over the last 2 years and had felt from the beginning that I was dealing with an honest person. Pernille, you have no idea how extremely rare this is these days. [You] started off as my client and we quickly developed a good friendship [as] I noticed her passion in helping others in developing themselves. I would therefore recommend Pernille wholeheartedly to everyone….she is a good person!!”