Salik Hard

Office Manager, Kisserup Arctic Greenland

Salik has dedicated of his professional life to working with entrepreneurship on various levels.

He was 16 when he started his first business adventure, but he is most known as the entrepreneur responsible for starting the first brewery in Greenland – a craft brewing company – making exceptionally quality beer from melted icebergs.

After studying at the Business School in Denmark, Salik worked for a Danish company that produced wood burning stoves in cast iron who had aspirations of exporting their goods in Germany. So Salik – and a colleague – established the export market after overcoming the many challenges and succeeded in selling their goods across borders.

Returning back to Greenland he worked several years in tourism, where he started several tourist offices and regional tourism development companies up in the north and south of Greenland.

In  recent years, Salik has shared his extensive knowledge and experience by providing advice, guidance, training and development grants  for Greenlandic entrepreneurs while serving with a Greenlandic Government company focused on providing business development and support to small businesses in Greenland.

In 2014 he finished an Academy Profession Graduate in management.

Salik is one of the few multilingual Greenlanders with fluency in Greenlandic, Danish and English and German.