Morgan Priske

International Food & Business Specialist

Morgan is a third-year International Food Business student studying at Dalhousie Agricultural Campus currently doing an internship with Kisserup. The International Food Business course is a unique program where she will receive a dual degree in Business Administration from Aeres University of Applied Sciences and a Bachelor of Agriculture from Dalhousie. The four-year program gives Morgan an understanding of the global food industry while continuously being able to grow her international network by studying with Dutch counterparts for two of the four years. There is a focus in the program on a range of food business concepts including global supply chain logistics and new product development.

During her second year of study, Morgan went abroad to the Netherlands where she studied and did a three-month work placement in Amsterdam for Mister Kitchen, a company specializing in culinary communication and product design as well as hosting the annual het Weekend van de Rollende Keukens (Weekend of the Rolling Kitchens) food truck festival. During her internship, she participated in food product development, food styling, marketing, and recipe development.