Lotte M. Christensen

Office Manager, Kisserup Artic Greenland

Lotte Maré Christensen is from Tasiilaq, the stunningly beautiful East Coast of Greenland, she has studied and worked in the capital of Greenland, Nuuk. She is educated as a journalist in Greenland and she has worked with the Greenlandic Broadcasting Corporation KNR radio almost nine years until 2016.

She is also an entrepreneur, owning and operating a local cleaning company for the last 13 years along with her fulltime job at KNR. She has experience with importing and exporting and she has an large international network that includes the UK, Denmark, Iceland, Canada and Japan.

In 2012, she was travelling coast to coast in Greenland as a Project Assistant and course facilitator for a project on building competencies within the SME sector in the energy sector, with cross over in tourism and handicraft.  From 2001 till 2005 she worked in Department of Industry, Agriculture and Labour Market. Her main task was administering caseload for workers’ compensation cases and ensuring that files were expediently handled.

Last but not least, Lotte has also been working with political parties where her responsibilities have ranged from administrating debate forum at websites,  provide service and advice to elected politicians as well as serving as writer of answers to foreign request in English.