Hui Zhou

International Trade & Business Development Consultant

Born and raised in Beijing, China, Hui immigrated to Canada in 2005, settling in the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia.

For over 30 years, Hui had worked in the field of multi-discipline science, both in China and in Canada.  Key areas of focus included vector-borne infectious disease control and international health quarantine; imported/exported food inspection, food analytical chemistry and quality control (QC); integrated pest management on both household and agriculture arthropods; and research & development on coagulation/clotting based diagnostic reagents and product quality assurance (QA).

With diverse interests and an open mind, Hui began a career transition in 2009, moving into market research, business development and trade opportunities with an international scope, primarily between China and Canada. She also focused on honing her public speaking and communication skills at Toastmasters International.

Being an avid writer since 1996, Hui turned her long-term hobby on writing into a career starting in 2016. In two languages, English and Chinese, Hui’s writing has covered many subjects, crossed different markets/fields and published in multi-medium. Her language proficiency makes her professional in other fields, too, such as, Community Interpretation, Court Interpretation, Translation for education, communication and science papers.