Isak Brandt

SIUA Inkubator Assistant, Kisserup Arctic Greenland

Languages: Greenlandic, Danish, and English

Born and raised in Greenland, I am creative, work minded, ambitious and extrovert.

I returned to Greenland in 2018 after I’ve spent the last six years studying in Denmark. I have been exploring myself, people around me and gained knowledge and networks that has added to my global awareness and contacts.

Throughout my years in Denmark, I’ve gotten to know a large variety of people from different areas around the world. Since my family lived in Greenland while I was in Denmark studying, I stayed at different boarding schools where I have been constantly surrounded by people from near and away. This has improved my abilities to communicate with others as well as my situational awareness.

I have obtained a general certificate of secondary education in Denmark – an education of 3 years, that included numerous assignments and extensive writing. I am excited to build this education with a lot of hands on experience and new challenges.