Research & Delivery

Research and Delivery

Kisserup provides full research services using quantitative and qualitative methodologies. This approach provides robust, insightful, and timely information on market policy as well as client and organizational intelligence to both private and public sector organizations. With experience ranging from policy analysis, evaluation, and market feasibility studies, Kisserup is adept at undertaking original data collection and analyses of new and existing data to form a customized client-sensitive solution.

Our extensive research services are enhanced by the delivery systems we have developed to effectively transfer this knowledge to our clients. With the use of workshops, case studies, and curriculum-based materials, Kisserup delivers research results to the people on the front line, the ones who need it most. This creates capacity that is practical and usable for our clients — something too often overlooked by many service providers.

Einstein’s advice to make things “simpler, but not simple” guides Kisserup’s research and delivery approach across our roster of services.

Qualitative services includePFB

  • Interviews
  • Focus groups
  • Questionnaire and script development
  • Transcription
  • Report development
  • Workshop delivery on research methods

Quantitative services include

  • Questionnaire development
  • Online data collection
  • Analysis (SPSS): univariate (descriptive), bivariate (relational), multivariate (controlled) analysis
  • Statistical evaluation / consultation
  • Report development
  • Workshop delivery on research methods

Research and Delivery