Now Available! “Tales of an Immigrant Entrepreneur: One Women’s Story”


What if you were a well-educated, multi-lingual, widely travelled, and successful businessperson, who fell in love with someone from overseas, got married, and moved to a new country, only to find that because you “came from away” none of your skills or prior achievements were valued?

“​Tales from an Immigrant Entrepreneur: One Woman’s Story an engrossing story that is steeped in honesty and rich with insight. Fischer Boulter’s immigrant’s tale is a model of perseverance from someone who has achieved a great deal on her own but who has never forgotten her support network along the way.”
Foreword Clarion Reviews

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11 reviews for Now Available! “Tales of an Immigrant Entrepreneur: One Women’s Story”

  1. Foreword Clarion Reviews

    “Pernille Fischer Boulter’s Tales from an Immigrant Entrepreneur is a timely, candid memoir about a Danish Canadian woman’s persistence when it came to finding success in business.

    It is both interesting and amusing to read about the logistics and cultural shock of transitioning between countries. Fischer Boulter recounts her work in numerous positions with various companies, citing the lessons she learned and nodding to mentors along the way. Her self-awareness and persistence, especially when she starts her own business, shine through, and her perseverance, sense of perspective, and personal growth will be inspirational to all those looking to take similar career journeys.”

  2. Jesper Christensen (Sweden)

    “All my emotions has been activated by reading the book. I wish all my current employees and friends should read the book to take part of Pernille´s views, which I share fully. If you follow these you face a high risk of being happy yourself and make people happy around yourself. Whatever you do, see the opportunities, and influence things to be exactly like you want them to be. The Author just inspired me plenty. I am also an immigrant, and I experienced similar challenges when moving to another country, where I also discovered the secret in the NGO´s and their advanced way of business. Reading the book costed me nearly a full valuable workday – but, the investment will for sure be profitable for my surroundings. Brillent book – Happy reading”

  3. Penny Doherty [Halifax, Nova Scotia]

    “This is a perfect description of Pernille Fischer Boulter.
    A recent article in MacLean’s Magazine said, “The art of leadership requires a range of skills: battle hardened confidence, team smarts and fearlessness.” This is a perfect description of Pernille Fischer Boulter, a proud Nova Scotian by choice. By sharing her vision of the limitless boundaries of entrepreneurism and leadership, Pernille has created a classic. This is a book that can and should be read and enjoyed by people of all age.”

  4. Brian [Halifax, Nova Scotia]

    “Interesting story.
    A book that I started reading and did not put down until I was finished. It is an interesting story about the life of a great worldwide. I highly recommend it.”

  5. Wayne Smith (USA)

    “Pernille Fischer Boulter brings to life the dynamism involved in international trade. Fortunately for us, a tractor-trailer “hit” some inspiration in her documenting this international trade masterpiece. Pernille takes us on a picturesque journey of the idiosyncrasies of competing for consultancy in Atlantic Canada as a forthright Dane. Her wise and witty approach is quite informative to the reader who is interested in pursuing trade with an international partner (business or government). Her tenacious persistence to succeed in the face of cultural differences, proved invaluable in establishing Kisserup International Trade Roots. One would appreciate her positive influence on businesses in Atlantic Canada. Through it all, Pernille emerged as one of Canada’s Top 25 Most Influential Women, as recognized by Women of Influence in 2014. I was inspired by reading this book, always bearing in mind that: I Never Lose – I Win or Learn! [USA]”

  6. Amber Mackereth [Halifax, Nova Scotia]

    “Inspiring and full of humour .  This humorous and down-to-earth autobiography recounts one woman’s story of sustained commitment to purpose. She is unapologetic, honest and self-reflective. Devoting the time to document and share her experiences and accrued wisdom is a testament to the author’s leadership and generosity, which are on full display in this book. As an export development consultant myself, I found it truly refreshing, and heartening, to hear that others too, are driven most by the tangible benefits created by sustainable economic development for real people and their communities.”

  7. Kevin Khoi Nguyen (Vietnam)

    “A real and inspiring story about a immigrant to Canada who made a big difference not only to her life and also a better lives for many others. I highly recommend it.”

  8. Ellen Sillekens, Project Manager, PSPS Consultants (Netherlands)

    “Empowering and energizing! Reading your book, Pernille, is empowering and energizing! I am touched by your book. It’s about defining, sharing and expanding international business. But more important, the way you connect with people. Always curious, respectful and listening, with attention and patience. The story, especially mentioning ethical leadership, inspires me”

  9. David Finlayson [Halifax, Nova Scotia]

    “Strong business lessons built into an amazing life story. I loved this book from Pernille. A straightforward read with plenty of strong business lessons and strategies baked into the stories. Her experience and commitment to building economies and helping communities to build sustainably is impressive. Pernille goes I loved to read about her history and then how she built a company that stayed true to her ideals and belief system. It is always fun to read work from another important female entrepreneur in Atlantic Canada. Enjoy this read.”

  10. Holly Bond [Halifax, Nova Scotia]

    “Amazing! So fortunate to have read this! Wonderful! This is one of the most entertaining, relevant and honest books I have read in a very long time. Be prepared to be energized and motivated! I was not expecting to read about the intimate personal life of this amazing entrepreneur – what an enlightening journey! I couldn’t put the book down; I think I held my breath through most of it! Pernille doesn’t just share her successes, she shares her missteps as well. She explains how and why she made the choices she made, and though her stories she teaches using clear examples of how to approach issues that may arise in your business. It is as much an autobiography as it is a motivational how-to book. Pernille says in her book “I really do believe that I never lose – I win or I learn”. This statement resonated with me and was a powerful reminder; sometimes it’s the way you view things that makes all the difference. Pernille has experienced more challenges than most entrepreneurs and has proven that every hurdle can be overcome if you are determined. And she makes it clear that in order to be successful, you have to be comfortable asking for help – it is not a weakness, it shows strength and resourcefulness. Throughout the book, it is clear how she values her friends and family and network of people who have helped her and encouraged her. As I was reading her story, I felt myself being pulled along in her draft, I could see her village, I could visualize her family, I could feel her pain and her joy. I heard myself laugh out loud in many places, and I cringed in others. This remarkable, resilient and innovative “come-from-away” has written the most witty and charming book – a must read for every entrepreneur, and every person who has ever been faced with a challenge…oh wait, that’s everyone, isn’t it? PS. And it comes as no surprise that some of the proceeds of the book will go to help young entrepreneurs.”

  11. Tina Lynge Schmidt (Greenland)

    “Her values and her work to make the world a better place. You have the opportunity to be inspired
    I had the pleasure of reading the book and I experienced both laughing spontaneously and being truly touched. The book is an honest story about Pernille, her life, values and especially the people around her, both family, friends and business associates. The way she experienced cultural differences by being an Danish immigrant in Canada and how she has built up her business through hard work and effort. As a child of two different cultures and entrepreneurs, I can greatly recognize different situations in my own life and were inspired by Pernille’s handling of situations and, not least, her tireless and positive angle on life, the world and cultures. It gave me the energy and courage to continue and expand my own business. Read the book and get an insight into Pernille, her values and her work to make the world a better place. You have the opportunity to be inspired by her zeal, will, desire and love for life and how she translates the energy into her own business and into the world, its people and cultures.”

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